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Do you have a Work-Based Learning program? Tell us about it in a short survey and scale your impact!

Do you have a Work-Based Learning program? Tell us about it in a short survey and scale your impact!

In order to assist in the state’s goal of increasing career and college readiness and participation in the labor force, Nevada received an 18-month technical assistance policy academy grant from the National Governors Association to scale, elevate and sustain Work Based Learning opportunities for young adults, ages 16-29. This is in an effort to prepare for the careers of the present and future and to provide employers with a skilled workforce.

We are seeking insight into already existing programs that offer initiatives that provide opportunities to young adults, ages 16-29, so we can expand the quality and impact of what is already occurring. Please fill out any information you may have by following the link:

We appreciate your time and service in closing the skills gap in Nevada and we will keep you informed of the work we are doing as it moves along.


“Work-based learning provides students with authentic work experiences where they apply and develop employability and technical skills that support success in careers and post-secondary education. Work-based learning activities culminate in an assessment and recognition of acquired knowledge and skills.” –National Governor’s Association

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